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  In fact, "flat earphone" is just an easy name to call according to its voice unit. Generally speaking, in the acoustic field, we are more used to call it "flat diaphragm headset". Why do we call it "flat diaphragm headset"? Compared with the traditional moving coil unit, the flat diaphragm unit is "flat", so it is named.
  In fact, when it comes to earphone products, we have to talk about the development of loudspeaker technology. From the beginning of last century when the dynamic coil loudspeaker was born to now, we are still using this seemingly very "old" loudspeaker technology. Fundamentally speaking, today's dynamic coil loudspeaker and the loudspeaker of 50 years ago have essentially only changed in material and structure, while the principle and structure are still similar. Therefore, it is not difficult to see the development of loudspeaker technology Compared with other technology industries, it has come to a difficult bottleneck period.
  It can be said that now we still need to find a diaphragm material with better rigidity and thinner surface to suppress the generation of segmentation vibration as much as possible. In addition, the structure of the loudspeaker itself is further improved. It is in the process of improving the loudspeaker structure that the planar diaphragm loudspeaker came out at the end of last century, which makes it possible to better suppress the divided vibration and provide a wider frequency response range.
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