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4Company dynamics
  Take omnidirectional mic, diaphragm type and pole ring connection type as an example
  1. Dust screen:
  It can protect the microphone, prevent dust from falling on the diaphragm, prevent external objects from piercing the diaphragm, and has a short time waterproof effect.
  2. Shell:
  The support part of the microphone head and other parts are encapsulated in the shell, which is the ground point of the microphone and can also play the role of electromagnetic shielding.
  3. Diaphragm: it is a main part of acoustic electric conversion. It is a tight Teflon plastic film glued to a thin metal ring. The side of the film in contact with the metal ring is plated with a very thin metal layer. The film can be charged. It is also an electrode plate that forms a variable capacitor and can be vibrated.
  4. Gasket:
  The distance between the two plates of the supporting capacitor leaves a gap to provide a space for the vibration of the diaphragm, so as to change the electric capacity.
  5. Back plate:
  The capacitance of the other gate (FET) is connected to the field effect.
  6. Copper ring:
  It is connected with the gate (g) to support the field effect.
  7. Cavity:
  Fix the plate and ring to prevent the plate and ring from short circuiting to the case (s (source) and G (gate) of FET).
  8. PCB assembly:
  Equipped with FET, capacitor and other devices, it also plays the role of fixing other parts.
  9. Pin: some microphones have pin (PIN) on PCB, which can be welded together with other PCBs through pin to connect them. In addition, the front pole type and back pole type are slightly different in structure.
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