20 yearsof experience, strength etc Complete supporting production system

Dongguan Tuoyin Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Sijia Second Industrial Zone, Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province,China.
Our company mainly produces flat-diaphragm speakers, namely flat speakers, condenser microphone cores, large-diaphragm condenser capsules, and finished headphones, condenser microphones and other electro-acoustic core products.……

Into tuoyin
Into tuoyin
Tuoyin·Core product display

We are not only selling products, we are also a powerful voice transmitter

Tuoyin·Product application case

Facing different scenarios, Tuoyin will provide you with customized industry solutions

Choose four advantages of Tuoyin Electronics

Provide you with stable and cost-effective products

More than 20 years of experience More than 20 years of experience 20 years of experience Have professional R&D technicians who have been engaged in electroacoustic devices for more than 20 years

Complete supporting production system Complete supporting production system Perfect production system The company has standard anechoic room, Sound check AAI-2718 and other audio analysis test equipment

Strictly check multiple inspections Strictly check multiple inspections Strict inspection Each product has undergone multiple standard inspection steps such as strict wire tension test, audio and data test, etc.

service service Full service system Tuoyin adopts a proactive service policy to solve the problems encountered by customers in a timely and effective manner

Focusing on the·Tuoyin

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