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  Large diaphragm microphone
  In practice, a microphone with a diaphragm diameter greater than or equal to 3 / 4 inch is often called a large diaphragm microphone. Generally speaking, microphones with larger diaphragm make more sound, which just meets the needs of engineers who like to record more characteristic sound (such as human voice).
  In addition, the sensitivity of large diaphragm microphone to audio signal is higher than that of small diaphragm and medium diaphragm microphone, because its contact area with audio signal is relatively large. It is generally believed that large diaphragm microphones can capture more low-frequency signals than small diaphragm microphones, which is not unreasonable, because compared with small diaphragm microphones with reasonable design, which can provide high-definition sound effect in a wide frequency range, large diaphragm microphones tend to enhance some characteristics of the audio signal, so as to improve the sound effect There is a more obvious bass feature.
  At present, there are many very high-quality large diaphragm microphones in the market, such as Newman U87 AI, Sennheiser MK4 and so on. But most of the microphones are very sensitive to the environment, and they are afraid of high sound quality.
  The definition of the middle diaphragm microphone is also one of the controversial topics at present, because there are only large diaphragm and small diaphragm microphones in history. At present, there is no clear conclusion on the upper and lower limits of the diaphragm diameter. However, the vast majority of professionals and manufacturers believe that microphones with a diaphragm diameter between 5 / 8 inch and 3 / 4 inch are medium diaphragm microphones.
  Generally speaking, the middle diaphragm microphone is good at capturing instantaneous signal and high frequency signal, and its sound effect is relatively mellow and full, with the warm texture of the large diaphragm microphone. At present, there are many excellent middle diaphragm microphones.
  Small diaphragm microphone
  At present, there is no final standard for the size of small diaphragm microphone, but most professionals and manufacturers believe that all microphones with a diaphragm diameter less than 5 / 8 inch are small diaphragm microphones.
  In terms of sound effect, small diaphragm microphone, like middle diaphragm microphone, is good at capturing high frequency and instantaneous signals. However, its sound seems to contain more air, and its touch up function is slightly inferior to that of large diaphragm microphone and middle diaphragm microphone. This may be due to its smaller ratio of diaphragm area, so it is more vulnerable to air fluctuation. But it also brings the advantages of easy control, easy to carry and so on. It's very suitable for personal studio, it won't let you lose too much sound details, and won't take in the subtle noise part.
  It is easy to use in the high frequency environment, and has good adaptability to the high frequency environment. Of course, this is not true. Some recording engineers use small diaphragm microphones to record in the studio in order to find specific sound effects.
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